Friday, September 10, 2010


Usually the short fig season is over before I can think of things to do with them. I wait all year for the beautiful green figs to ripen. They come, I eat a couple, and then they are quickly devoured by the birds and Japanese Beatles. That's that.... and so another year I wait.

However, this year I decided I'd pick as many as I could and quickly, before they disappeared. What the heck do you do with that many figs though?!?! Make jam!

So now I have delicious fig jam, but another question begs answering. What the heck do you do with that much fig jam? Haha!
Maybe a moist little cake flavored with fig jam and brandy? I adapted this recipe from a South African dessert known as Malva Pudding. It calls for a small amount of apricot jam.... I, of course, used fig!

Now what should I do with the purple figs I picked??


Simple Mama said...

we make jam with figs too! We had pounds and pounds of them. We use 6 cups figs, 2 cups sugar, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg to flavor. Vanilla and a little lemon juice and keep cooking til it's thick. Delicious. It's awesome paired with goat cheese on some crusty bread.

BrattyDan said...

I could not agree more about pairing fig jam with goat cheese and crusty bread! YUM! Trader Joe's has this honey goat cheese..... Oh my goodness, so yummy!

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