Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just because i need one more blog!

With my new vintage endeavor beginning to pick up some momentum, I thought maybe I should start blogging about my vintage hunting adventures.

I haven't been hip to the thrift shopping scene since back when I was making and selling my Tie-Bags, like crazy. So today I had the urge to go rummage for treasures. To my dismay, I discovered that most thrift stores aren't open on Sundays!

First on my agenda was delicious gelato from Cafe Lucca in the Orange Circle! From there I walked to my old favorite shop. The gates were locked and neon signs were posted saying, "No longer accepting donations." When did this happen?! From there I walked all the way back to my car and drove about 3 miles down the street. Unfortunately, Thrift Shoppe is open every day EXCEPT Sunday. Poop! Oh well, 'I'll just hit up the two on the way home.' Salvation Army..... closed! So naturally I assumed Goodwill would be closed too, but guess what! Open!

Look what I found.......... In a thrift shop!

Lets just say...... I was STOKED! These are 2 of a 3 bowl Pyrex set. They are called "Rainbow Stripe". They were made in a few different colors, in the 60s. These are obviously the pink :)
I was looking for clothes, but those bowls made my day! Don't expect to see them for sale in my Etsy shop any time soon. What made this discovery even better was that I had the smallest bowl already. That's right, now I have the complete set!

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