My collections are random and wonderful!
I just want to show off some of my favorites!
Now you can see why you will rarely find these things in my shop. Simply put, I hoard these things!
Especially of the brass variety!
I love my aprons and I actually use them!
Lucky for you the collection has started to overtake my space. 
So now you can find them in my shop from time to time.
This is one of my oldest collections. I think this collection started because of my love for vintage printed linens. Handkerchiefs were and still are an inexpensive way to collect all those wonderful vintage prints. They are a thing of the past, replaced by kleenex. Probably just another reason why I'm intrigued by them.
Watch for handkerchiefs coming soon to the shop!
I also love vintage Bakelite, brass Buddhas, vintage bar ware, and recipe boxes! 
Just to name a few of my many crazy obsessions.


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