Friday, August 27, 2010

pink overload.

This week I loaded the shop up with pinks and pretty feminine florals!

Although pink isn't always my favorite color, I like it a lot better than I did 12 years ago when I was still an emo high school kid. I've come to terms with pink. While I'll never be a frilly pink girly girl, pink is more than ok here and there.

 I love this dress.... and if I have too long to think about it, I might end up keeping it!
There is no denying that the 1950s left behind some charming and beautiful treasures, like this blouse!
Pretty pink drop waist dress!
How 'bout a pink "All Weather" coat? That could be a fun addition to a Fall wardrobe!
Or this lovely puff sleeve bohemian dress?

At first glance, I knew this super cool floral blazer had some serious potential!

There are more pink and floral treasures in the shop. Stop by and see what's new! Also, if you don't already, follow me on Twitter for updates on new stuff.



miss indie said...

I LOVE your blog. you have great style!
XO. mandy

BrattyDan said...

Thank you very much. That is so sweet of you to say! :)

JMay said...

I'm loving all the unique fun looks :-)

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I love the blouse you picked!!! You have such great taste!

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