Friday, August 13, 2010

happy friday to you.

Usually on Friday afternoon I take a minute to sit back and look over my haul of vintage treasures for the week. For some reason I'm über tired today (i did wake up before 8am for the first time all summer). I picked up a couple pretty cool things today, but you're going to have to stayed tuned to the shop to see them. Sorry!

As I sat here blankly staring at my computer screen, I thought to myself.... Am I the only one who wonders what other bloggers look like as they write their posts? Is that weird?

I kinda like what my crazy air dried hair is looking like right now. Wanna see it??

So umm yeah.... that's me, right now, as I write this. I'm going to the theater tonight with my ma and pa (I don't really call them that), so in a few minutes I'm going to start curling my hair with hot rollers. 

I don't think I've curled my hair since I chopped it off.

Earlier this week I ordered some things from Flourish on Etsy. For a while now, I've been eyeballing this shop, and finally placed a small order. It came in the mail today. Yay!
I obviously haven't tried that brown sugar soap yet, but it smells yummy! The tinted lip moisturizer feel awesome on my lips. I wish it was a little more tinted, but it's still good. And those perfume samples smell true to their names. I got Saltwater, Peach Tea, and my favorite..... Gingerale. It totally smells like gingerale!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I promise it wont be so long next time. 

Love ya!


izztelford said...

Yay! Glad you're back. Wish my hair looked that cute just by air drying... you wouldn't want to see me during a post, usually at midnight looking scary;)
I'll have to check out that shop, those parfums sound delish!

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