Monday, June 7, 2010

tide pools.

Life in Orange County does not suck!

I have a secret (or not so secret) spot I like to go to. It's a small beach with protected tide pools. The most people I've ever seen there are about 10 other groups (usually there are no more than 10 people total). My son and I have seen all kinds of amazing and fascinating things there. We even saw a whale spouting once!

This photo is over a year old, but still one of my favorites!
This one was taken yesterday.
Here's a picture of D and his best buddy R.
Usually we pick up trash as we leave the beach. That's what they've got in their buckets. Lots of people like to visit our beaches, but don't respect them like we do. In order to give back to this coveted place and to the creatures who reside there, we pick up bits of trash. I think it's a really important lesson for me to teach my son, in hopes that he regards the ocean with as much respect as I do.
Sea Slug
I could spend countless hours staring into these miraculous pools! It's our secret spot, so I can't tell you where it is. However, if you are planning a trip to OC and you ask really nicely, I might just tell you.


izztelford said...

What beautiful pictures! How lucky you are to get to live so close to the tide pools. My Uncle has a beach house in Dana Point & we used to go out every year, but haven't been back there in at least 4 years now. (frown)... His house is on Strand beach, do you know of it? I would LOVE to check out your beach & tide pools next time we go. Thank you for picking up trash, so sad that people are disrespectful. I pick up trash around my neighborhood when I take my daughter on walks:) xoxo

BrattyDan said...

Come back to Dana Point! Of course I know where Strand is! That is very close to me and even closer to the tide pools!

My secret spot is at the south end of Corona del Mar. It's a protected state beach, with rangers and everything. We actually have quite a few awesome spots in this part of OC.

VeganCraftastic said...

Great pictures, I miss the ocean so much!

Hundy and Undy said...

I haven't been to your "spot"! My favorite li'l beach is Woods Cove in Laguna.

Anne. said...

It's not in the OC, but there's this spot in Palos Verdes my marine biology class went to two summers ago WITH A CAVE. It was such a magical place, regardless of the fact that I slipped on the rocks more than once.

Two things:
- It's so cool that you saw a whale sprouting before!
- I commend you for cleaning up your part of the beach right as you leave. :] It's something more people need to do!

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