Monday, May 17, 2010

Mug Love.

Do you have a favorite mug you always go for when it's clean? You know, the one your coffee just always tastes better when sipped from. A mug so well loved you'd never let anyone else drink from (because it's so worn from age and use...... and you'd actually be embarrassed for anyone to use it)?

I'm not sure why, but I feel compelled to show you my favorite mug. The one that always makes the mornings a little brighter. It's icky and old and I LOVE it!

First of all it's huge. The more coffee it holds, the better! And second, while I'm not a real big Tinkerbell fan, I just love her totally bratty and mischievous expression!

Bet you thought my favorite mug would be of the vintage variety! I do happen to have some really cool vintage mugs, but this very much not vintage mug is my very favorite.

I want to know, what does your favorite mug look like?


lili est folle said...

love it!! my favorite mug?? a vintage one with Mickey mouse!! :p

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