Sunday, May 9, 2010

feet treats.

Lots of neat shoe finds lately!

I'm really excited to put them in the shop. Watch for them over the next couple days.

I know it's like teasing to show them to you and then tell you you can't have them. Aren't they cute though? Man oh man I love those boots! While I'm talking about these beauties.... does anybody have any good advice on restoring vintage leather?! They need a little TLC.

Gotta run now! Time for dinner with the sis at the beach!


geschichtenvonkat said...

those shoes look so cool! i have huge feet but am going to check out your shop now just in case :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

you are so mean! I NEED those boots!

tara said...

I took my vintage cowboy boots to a boot shop because they needed to be resoled and the repairman did a fantastic job and when I got them back, he had reconditioned the leather and reglued the tips and everything. It cost me about $50 (which was $20 more than the boots actually cost :P) but it was totally worth it.


BrattyDan said...

Great advice! I'll have to look for a boot shop. Unfortunately, in Southern California, there probably isn't one :(, but i'll look.

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