Monday, April 19, 2010

Feathered Friends!

I love chickens!
We brought home the chicks hatched in D's kindergarten class (we actually ended up with different chicks, but that's another story), a couple years ago. They are weird and silly pets and they make us laugh a lot!

This is Bandit, one of the Sicilian Buttercups.
We have two Buttercups, Penny and Bandit. They are sweet and curious 3.5 pound girls.

Doesn't she look mean and crazy!?

They totally earn their keep!
We get fresh eggs everyday and excellent fertilizer for our gardens!
Nothing beats fresh eggs!

Here's Pip. She's a Jersey Giant.
The Jerseys weigh around 9 pounds. They are the biggest breed you can find in the US.

We love 'em, even though they have scary dinosaur feet!

Frittata anyone???


lisaroy said...

cute chickens! I've always wondered what it would be like to have chickens! It brings to mind the breakfast we had in Key West at an outdoor restaurant where we were surrounded by chickens while we ate - made for a very memorable trip! : )

Second Wind Vintage said...

I've heard that there are stray chickens all over Key West. I would love that! Chickens are the funniest animals to watch :)

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