Sunday, April 10, 2011

Early 1900s American Designer Dress

If I were asked which decade was my favorite for fashion, in the last century, I don't think I could pick just one. There are fashion elements from every decade that just call to me.

When I get my hands on a 100 year old dress something magical happens. To touch something with so much history is just an amazing feeling! It makes my imagination go wild!

Love at first sight when I found this amazing dress! This is the kind of dress that sets the scene for all kinds of classic novels and poetry. I can't help but wonder what this dress saw. Who wore it? I imagine the seamstress (or tailor) who created it. What a special thing to have a dress made for you, by someone else. This dress is from  a time when ladies made their own clothes.
Not only does this dress have a maker's tag, but the tag includes an address! I'm not sure if the tag displays the name of the dress maker or of the person it was made for. It says "Mme. Rizzi, 938 Rush Street, Chicago". Rush Street was first incorporated into Chicago in the 1830s. Based on the style, I believe this dress was designed around 1900.

I wish I knew what Madame Rizzi's first name was. It's hard to find any information on her.
Everything about this beautiful dress is just beautiful! The pleats, the bow, the horsehair mesh used for structure. 
Please take a look at the listing for this gorgeous dress in my shop. If you know anything else about this dress, I would love to know know more about it. 


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